IT-Services manages the University’s network infrastructure, hence all queries regarding networking issues should be forwarded to IT Services.

Activating network ports

Because there are more wall ports than switch ports, some wall ports may be inactive if not in regular use.


  • Check - Make sure that the port is genuinely not active by testing with a device, i.e. laptop. Also, if possible, check that that device itself can establish a connection on a working port.
  • Send the following information to ITS Support:
    • Port name - Including the switch name above the port number itself.
    • Room number - Where the port is located.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

The University is a participant of eduroam, which allows users of member institutions to roam freely at all eduroam institutions.

To connect via eduroam, you must have an active Sussex account. You can set up your connection here.


Non-Sussex people, i.e. people who do not have a Sussex account, can connect to the University’s network via eduroam if their host institution is a participant. If this is not the case, a visitor can connect via wired ethernet.


Send the following information to MPS Support:

  • Full name - The person who requires the connection.
  • E-mail address
  • Dates - The period the connection is required.
  • Ethernet MAC address - How do I find my MAC address?


By registering your ethernet MAC address in this way you do not need to authenticate with a Sussex account.


If there are several visitors that require network connectivity, it might be advisible to get a conference account (a single account for multiple users). You must send this request to ITS Support.