HPC cluster

MPS, as a group, maintains a significant investment in the HPC facility at Sussex. Naturally, there are running costs associated with this.

Aside from having to acquire the equipment, there is manpower, realestate, electricity, software licenses, etc, that have to be factored in. On top of this machines have a lifespan, there is degradation and the warranty expires, so they need to be replaced from time to time.

Those with an interest in using HPC at Sussex should consider long term financing options in your bid for funding. Please contact MPS Support for more information.


Laptops & Desktops

Please follow these steps if you are looking to acquire new personal computing equipment:

  1. Select an option from this page.
  2. Any feature that is not shown can be added in the comments section, i.e. extra memory.
  3. ITS now provide a standard MPS configuration for Linux and OS X, please indicate that you would like this to be applied in the comments section.


You need to be a staff member and it requires a budget code. If you are a student, please consult your supervisor.


  • You can search and customize your Apple equipment at the Apple Store HE.
  • You can also place your own orders on Agresso without going through ITS, for instance, if the options available does not fit your requirement. MPS Support are happy to assist you.
  • If your order is too big to collect in person, you can have it delivered directly to your room. Once Agresso has confirmed the delivery of your item, send a request to Sussex Estates and Facilities (SEF).


For those who wish to purchase accessories; such as external hard disks, keyboards, mouse, monitors, etc, and wish to use their budget code, it must be done through the University’s purchasing system, Agresso.

MPS Support can help you to select the suitable hardware for your purpose and assist you on the use of Agresso.


Please be aware that items can only be purchased from a University approved supplier, such as Insight and Scan.


Apple laptops

If you have any issues with your Apple equipment, you have three options:

  1. Contact IT Services.


    All Mac software is provided by ITS, including applications such as M$ Office, Mathematica, MATLAB, Maple, etc. If you require these applications, have a licensing query or have any issues with them, please contact IT Services.

  2. Go to our local Apple approved repair company, Robert Harding Computers Ltd.. They can check the status of your warranty, plus arrange to pick up and deliver your machine anywhere on campus.

  3. Take your machine directly to the Apple Store in the Churchill Square Shopping Centre.

Linux desktops

If you are experiencing problems with your Linux desktop, we can help you analyse the issue. However, if a technical fault is found you have to contact IT Services.


  • MPS no longer deploys Linux desktops, we only set out our requirements and ITS carry out the deployment for us.
  • Similarly for hardware, all equipment purchases are now done through ITS so all issues are handled by them.


  • We do not provide support for ITS Windows desktops at all. Please only contact IT Services.