We use the same account and login details for IT-Services and research computing facilities, such as email, Linux workstations, HPC cluster, etc.

But users cannot access research computing facilities, including the HPC cluster, without first sending a request to MPS Support and provide either of the following:

  • Sussex account username
  • Full name


You can manage your Sussex account here.


UNIX groups are used to manage access permissions, in particular for Research disks.

We try to make sure that all current users are in the correct group. However, if you find that this is not the case, please contact MPS Support.

Research group UNIX group
AMO fs-amo
Astro fs-astro
EPP fs-epp
Maths fs-maths
TPP fs-tpp


Useful commands:

  • id - to see which group you are a member of.
  • getent group <group_name> - to see the members of a group.