Queues and Policies

Basic Structure of Queues

Queues are where your jobs will run, and usually address some set of the available hardware in the cluster, as well as define policies on what kind of jobs can run in the queue. Policies might be things like,

  • How long your job can run for
  • What users can run in the queue
  • How much memory or slots your jobs can request
  • Whether you can run interactive or batch jobs in the queue
  • Whether the queue supports parallel jobs and which parallel environments it allows.
  • etc...

1) To check the available queues use the command: qconf -sql; to get information about a particular queue queue.q please use qconf -sq queue.q.

2) Something to look for in the queue config are words like qtype, pe_list and user_list which you may do with commands like:

qconf -sq queue.q | grep qtype

the result may contain the words BATCH, INTERACTIVE which mean that the queue can be used for batch (submit jobs) as well as interactive sessions (use qlogin)

3) Another important information are the hosts where the queue isn running its jobs. The word to look for is hostlist ...you will get answers like ...

hostlist   @HP-16c-64G-HighBW @HP-16c-64G-3rdBW \

@ in front of a name indicates a collection of computing hosts. In order to get the list of computing nodes associated to a certain group please use qconf -shgrp @hostgroup

you may get then things like

group_name @HP-16c-64G-HighBW

hostlist node001.cm.cluster node002.cm.cluster node003.cm.cluster \
node004.cm.cluster node008.cm.cluster node009.cm.cluster \
node010.cm.cluster node011.cm.cluster node012.cm.cluster \
node013.cm.cluster node014.cm.cluster node015.cm.cluster \
node016.cm.cluster node017.cm.cluster node018.cm.cluster \
node019.cm.cluster node020.cm.cluster node021.cm.cluster \
node022.cm.cluster node023.cm.cluster node024.cm.cluster \
node025.cm.cluster node026.cm.cluster node027.cm.cluster \
node028.cm.cluster node029.cm.cluster node030.cm.cluster \
node031.cm.cluster node032.cm.cluster node033.cm.cluster \
node034.cm.cluster node035.cm.cluster node036.cm.cluster \
node037.cm.cluster node038.cm.cluster node039.cm.cluster \
node040.cm.cluster node042.cm.cluster node043.cm.cluster \
node044.cm.cluster node045.cm.cluster node046.cm.cluster \

The core, open-access queues are as follows,