How-To: Using the Cluster

This section will try to use some common situations to illustrate the basic means of accomplishing your work on the cluster, and pointing you to the various other resources we have on how to do this.

The main theme is roughly:

  • Development and short-feedback iterative work should probably be Interactive Jobs. This is the cluster’s equivalent to working on your laptop/desktop to figure things out.
  • When you want to run your software for longer, or in greater numbers, or unattended then you want to look at Batch Jobs. This is the main usage of the cluster, and where people spend the bulk of their time.

Doing Large I/O, or Downloading large files

Again do this via, Interactive Jobs instead of on the login nodes.

Please read the section storage which outlines the types of storage systems on the cluster and which one you should be using for your task.

Working with Graphical Applications

Sometimes you may need to open a GUI application that is installed on the cluster. You can do this via X11 forwarding when initially connectiong to the cluster, mentioned in Interactive Jobs.