Queues are an abstraction of the cluster batch system and represent where your job will run.
Slots are the smallest unit of the cluster - each job running on the cluster, whether interactive or batch, consumes 1 or more slots. A slot will mean different things for different hosts but nearly always represents a single CPU core or hardware thread. The amount of memory given to a slot varies with hosts.
job script
A job script is a special kind of shell script that contains both instructions to the cluster batch system and also shell commands to setup your job’s necessary environment, and the steps to execute your job. Options to the batch system are prefixed with #$
job id
All jobs have a job ID number which you get on job submission and in qstat output. This ID is useful handle to query specific information on that job, and appears on job output files too.
array job
An array of identical tasks being differentiated only by an index number and being treated by Univa Grid Engine almost like a series of jobs.
A kind of sub-job of an array job.
Modules refers to the collection of software packages and libraries that have been built centrally on the cluster and can be loaded dynamically by users through the module utility.