Windows: Mount research volumesΒΆ

  1. Install WebDrive from the ITS website.
  2. Activate the WebDrive License.
  3. Connect to “” by clicking on New.
  1. This launches a Site Wizard, Select SFTP and click next.
  1. Enter the Account Information. As shown in the figure below.
  1. Click on Advanced settings.
  2. Go to SFTP tab. At the option Root Directory: add the default directory you would like to mount into webdrive.
  1. Click OK and then click on Test Conncection.
  1. A Status: Successfully connected should be displayed. Click close.
  2. Assign a drive letter S: and click connect now.
  1. A connceted status should appear, while dispalying the contents of the Root Directory path.
  1. You can repeat the steps followed to as above to access different Root Directories in the HPC Cluster.
  2. Please note to make your drive letters and Site names unique.