Windows: File transferΒΆ

Go to http://

Click on the Download WinSCP Link.

This takes you to the WinSCP page. Click on Go to Download page

Click on the Installation Package for WinSCP

After your download is complete. Install WinSCP


Accept the License agreement


Setup type Typical installation (recommended)


User interface style the (Commander) option should be selected


Setup should be ready to install.


Click finish to launch WinSCP.


After completing the install it takes you to the WinSCP Login page.

WinSCP Login Page


First Select the File Protocol drop down and select the (SCP) option not SFTP which is the default after installation.

Now type in the HPC Login in the Host name field ( or

Type in your Sussex University Username and Password. Then Click on Login.


A warning message would come up. Click on Yes to Trust the Host and Continue.


This will login you into your Sussex HPC Home profile on the right hand pane of your window (/mnt/nfs2/its/ab570/files), and Your Local Computer Documents folder (C:Usersits-userDocuments) to the Left Pane of your WinSCP window session.

Please Note: The file Paths and directories in this example, should be your HPC home folder and Your own local computer account profile.


In the example we would drag and drop files (file-101.txt), to the HPC cluster home folder to the right side pane of the window.


It will prompt you to click OK on the file upload to your HPC Cluster Profile.


Now you will note the file (file-101.txt) has been transfered to the folder on the right pane window on the HPC.


So you now copy your files between you local computer and the HPC Cluster.